Sunita Singh - Independent Candidate for U.S. Senate


I’m Sunita Singh and I’m running as an Independent Write-In Candidate for U.S. Senate for North Carolina in November 2020.

Even before the Coronavirus Pandemic, President Trump's Fiscal Year 2021 budget projected the U.S. National debt would increase $4.8 trillion during his first term, the fastest increase in the debt of any president.

When the economy was thriving and the unemployment rate was 3.5%, instead of balancing the budget and reducing the $24 trillion National Debt, the President and Congress instituted a tax cut and added $1 billion yearly federal deficits to the debt.

Now they claim it’s not the time to be concerned about the debt because of the Corona Virus crisis. When is the right time?

The Framers explicitly entrusted all legislative responsibility in Article I of the Constitution to the Congress. With the debt at $24 trillion, The Senate is failing to perform its constitutional duties.

The national emergency we face may be new, but the answers out of Washington have so far been the same: more spending, more mandates, and more debt on the backs of the American people.

If the national debt were divided among every person in the U.S. each of us would owe $73,529. whether you are a Republican or a Democrat!

This is the most significant threat to our national security!

If you share my concern for the state of our government, that The Senate — and the proper functioning of our republic —should not be allowed to continue on their present course, then you have an important choice to make in the November election!

Vote for candidates who will work to strategically balance the budget and manage the debt because next time, we may not be able to borrow our way out of a crisis because of Congress’ massive, unbalanced spending.

As an Independent, my option is to be a Write-In Candidate, hence my petition form. 

P.S. No one may sign a petition on behalf of another person. North Carolina statutes mandate that candidates must include original ink signatures on their petitions so no electronically reproduced signatures will be counted. Hence signatures must be originals (please use INK). Only addresses in the same county can be on one sheet. Photocopies of signed forms are not accepted by county or state elections offices so kindly Mail Petition Form To: Sunita Singh for Senate, 92 Cornerstone Dr -Ste.324, Cary, NC 27519. 

I’m grateful for all the signatures I can get especially since Governor Roy Cooper executed North Carolina’s Stay At Home Order. Thank you in advance!