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Sunita Singh for U.S. Senate for N.C.

I would like the opportunity to hear from you and discuss these issues further while campaigning and can only do so if I obtain 71,545 Registered NC Voter Signatures by March 3rd.

If you’d like an alternative choice to the two-party system and would like to see an Independent candidate on the ballot in November 2020, please click on the ‘Sign My Petition’ button for my NC State Board of Elections Petition Form and help me gather as many signatures as possible.

Signatures must be collected on separate sheets for each county. Do not combine voter signatures from multiple counties on one sheet. No one may sign for another person. All signatures should be in ink and must be original (not digital).

Please mail original, signed petitions to: Sunita Singh for U.S. Senate, 92 Cornerstone Drive – Ste.324 Cary, NC 27519.

I appreciate your kindness!

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